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A good knife is no ordinary kitchen utensil, so you must treat it with the utmost care. It's a fragile piece of equipment that can be dinged, banged and damaged with the slightest mistreatment. Here are some tips to care and maintain your knives.

  1. Don't leave your knives in the kitchen sinkand wash them right after use. Leaving it in the sink can scratch or break the blade. As soon as you're finished using the knife, wash it, dry it and put it away in safe place.
  1. Don't leave your knives in the dish rack to dry. Leaving your knives in the dish rack risks dulling the blade when it shares space with other utensils.
  1. Hone and sharpen them regularly. Knives that start out sharp will eventually get dull. To keep that sharp edge, hone the knife before every use or after several uses. You can use a honing steel, a knife stone, or even send it out to a professional to sharpen them.
  1. Always cut on cutting boards. Cutting on counter top made of marble, granite or any solid surface is too hard for the blade. Stick with wood cutting boards as they're the gentlest for your knives.

Inspired by Julie R. Thomson from HuffPost.com