Home Tips


Drop your glass? Here’s how you can clean it safely and effectively!

  1. Damp Paper Towel - Fold a few pieces of paper towel, dampen it, and then gently press down on the pile of broken glass. The paper towel will be protecting your hand as the broken glass should all stick to it. Simply dispose the paper towel once the job is done!
  2. Bread - Substitute your roll of paper witha couple slices of bread! Use them as you’d use the paper towel, by gently pressing the slices of bread into the glass. The soft and moist bread helps attract and hold the broken glass.
  3. Potatoes- Cut a large raw potato in half lengthwise to pick up glass shards from the floor. The potato’s moist flesh will go after even the tiniest pieces, and is the best method to protect your hands. Throw away the potato when finished, and check the floor for any starchy residue left behind.
  4. Tape - Simply wrap your gloved hand with tape several times with the sticky side out. Then, brush up the glass with your taped, gloved hand to clean the glasses away.
  5. Vacuum - A vacuum can be used to help clean up any lingering shards of glass near and on the carpet.