How to clean washing machine - remove smell & mold

You might think that it’s clean but over time, washing machines get dirty with soap scum builds up. Here’s how you can clean your washer to keep away from smells and mold.

  1. Add vinegar: Set your washing machine to run on its highest and hottest setting. Then, add in four cups of white vinegar, and fill it up. Once it’s filled up and barely started, pause the washing machine and just let the water and vinegar sit for an hour.
  2. Wipe down lid and rest of the washing machineTo clean the exterior, spray vinegar onto a microfiber cloth and run it along the top and bottom of the lid, the sides, and the front of the washer.
  3. Focus on the detergent and fabric softener dispenser: The machine's detergent and fabric softener dispensers require extra attention. Scrubbing with a toothbrush will help to clear their openings and get them fresh and clean.
  4. Run another cycle with baking soda: Once the first cycle has ended, pour in a cup of baking soda and turn your washing machine back on for one more powerful cycle with the hottest/highest settings.
  5. Leave the lid open to let it air dry out: Keep the lid up until it’s nice and dry and it will be ready for the next use.


Tips inspired by Kristi Kellogg from