Here's a super cute dessert! Mini pavlovas that are perfect for your family.

4 egg white (Grade A)
1cups of white caster sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp vanilla essence
1tsp vinegar
2tbsp corn flour
1tsp cream of tar tar

1. Beat the white egg in high speed till form a meringue
2. While beating the white egg,add salt,vanilla
3. Once it start to form a white foam,continue by adding vinegar,corn flour n cream of tar tar
4. Once all set. Stop the mixer
5. Put in piping bag with nozzle, cover the tin based with grease paper
6. Bake at slow temp 140°c for an hour
7. Or baking until light brown, or. Try to scrath the pavlova base surface with fork.Gently
8. If you hear screeching sound, off the temp,leave the oven window half open
9. When it is cool, remove from grease paper

Beat fresh cream for topping in high speed
Cut fresh fruit like strawberry,grapes n kiwi
Pipe the cream on the base
Arrange the fruits accordingly

Bon Appetite!!!

This amazing recipe is by @shidamahayadin