Membership FAQs

Q. What is the HERO Card?

You may sign up for an HERO MEMBER Card at any of our HeroMarket, HeroMart Counter by completing the application form together with one (1) year membership fee of RM10.00.

Q. How much is the membership renewal price?

You may sign up or renew as an HERO MEMBER for one (1) year and pay RM10.00 for main card.

Q. What are the benefits that I enjoy when I apply or renew my HERO MEMBER Card?

As an HERO MEMBER, you will enjoy promotions and discounts in our store, voucher redemption, member exclusive coupon book and point collection.

Q. How will I know the expiration of my current HERO MEMBER Card?

Your HERO MEMBER Card's expiry date can be check at HERO counter or through our websites www.heromarket.com.my

Q. How do I renew my HERO membership?

You can renew your HERO MEMBER Card by either auto renew 1,000points from your existing HERO membership or by payment of renewal fee of RM10.00 at any of our HERO MEMBER Counter.

Q. If I renew my membership, what will the next expiry date be?

The expiry date of your renewed membership will be 1 year from the date you apply for a renewal . For example, if the expiry date of your current HERO MEMBER Card is 9 March 2021, the expiry date of your renewed HERO MEMBER Card shall be 9 March 2022.

Q. How do I get a replacement for my lost or damaged HERO MEMBER Card and do I have to pay for the card replacement?

You can get a replacement card at any HERO MEMBER Counter with a fee of RM10.00 for lost or damaged card.

Q. How do I check my latest HERO MEMBER Point balance?

You can visit any HERO MEMBER Counter at HeroMarket outlets. Moreover, you may also log in to www.heromarket.com.my and check your HERO MEMBER Point balance by using your membership no. and date of birth.

Q. Can I still earn HERO MEMBER Points if I do not bring my HERO MEMBER Card with me while shopping at HeroMarket, HeroMart or Hero Savemart stores?

No. Member must present their Hero Card to cashier before transaction. Failure to do so will result in no reward for the amount spent.

Q. How do I earn HERO MEMBER Points?

You may present your HERO MEMBER Card when you make any purchase at any HeroMarket, HeroMart or Hero Savemart stores.

Q. Can I exchange my HERO MEMBER Points for cash?

No. HERO MEMBER Points can only be exchanged with voucher.

Q. Can HERO MEMBER Points be shared between the Main and Supplementary Cards?

Yes. The HERO MEMBER Points earned by the Main and Supplementary Cards can be accumulated and shared since they are considered as a single account.